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About Exodus GSD

Laura and Zeus german shepherd

When Laura Thacher got Zeus’s Shadow of Shiloh as a puppy she had no idea the road she would start to travel down. He grabbed a hold of her soul in such a profound way she knew she had to share that love with others.

She began Genesis Long Coat German Shepherds in 2002 in Rhode Island and immediately knew she found her calling. She placed several litters of puppies with loving families and is still friends with many of them today. Now located on a farm in remote Maine, she is excited to be able to spread the love of the German Shepherd once again as Exodus German Shepherds.

About Our Facility

When we say facility we actually mean home. All our German Shepherds are raised and live in our home. They do not live outside or in a barn. We do not have kennels. In fact, they cuddle up with us on the couch, sleep wherever they want (sometimes in unusual places), and eat in our kitchen.

For fun, our dogs do, however, run around a barn and outside on our property. They love to play with our flock of chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys. They check on our rabbits and hang out with our goats. Did we mention the cats? They are friends with them, as well.

Our litters will all be birthed and raised within our home. We feel this is the best way to ensure their safety, health, and well being. And, let’s be honest, it makes access to puppy hugs and kisses all the more easier. There’s nothing like a bit of puppy love! We guarantee your puppy will leave here well adjusted to human attention and love.

Our Breeding Policy

Exodus long coat german shepherd

Bettering the German Shepherd breed is at the forefront of our program.

This is why health testing is so important. We want to make sure all families who get a puppy from us have the best odds of a healthy animal stacked in their favor.

We Embark DNA test and OFA hip screen all our dogs prior to breeding. There is no guarantee that a dog from two clear parents will not be affected by a disease or disorder, but the chances are better. For example, both parents of our beloved Skeemos were excellent, as are most in the first 3 generations. But, Skeemos did not test excellent. As a result, we will not be breeding her.

More than just a healthy German Shepherd.

We don’t want our dogs to be just healthy. We breed for an exceptional temperament and EXCELLENT example of the breed. Fearless but prudent. Trainable but intelligent and intuitive (knowing when NOT to listen to you). Protective without aggression. Sensitive but not fearful. An inate intangible something that sets them apart from good or even great dogs. If we can’t breed excellence, we will not breed. That is not to say there won’t be health problems or temperament problems because when  breeding 2 dogs you’re actually breeding about 500–genetics is a wild science.

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