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Meet The Exodus GSD Dams

Mona Mi’


Mona is truly a gentle giant. Her black, brown, and tan coat is the thickest of all our dogs. She is Embark clear and passed her OFA hip screening.

Mona is of West German working and show lines. She has an all-around beautiful temperament and loves children. She has a lot of the typical GSD drive and is very eager to please with excellent recall. As a pup she was nicknamed “Thunder Thump” because she would come running up to you and plop down, throwing her legs in the air, with her tongue hanging out, wanting to be petted.

Mona will be bred with Vito on her next heat, which should be sometime in March 2024. So… PUPPIES ARE COMING SOON!

March 2021

Date of Birth

80 lbs

Current Weight


Embark & OFA Clear

Kiddo’s Mamba von Shaphaus


Uma is a stunning black and silver longcoat German Shepherd. She is a combination of old lines– her mother was bred by Bellevue and her father was bred by Von Chap. Her grandfather is Super Sampson Sella.

Uma is light, sunshine, and joy. She prances, floats, and leaps into the air. She is the baby of the family and has past all her health testing. If all goes well, she’ll be bred after she turns two in January 2024. We are so excited to see the beautiful pups she will produce.

January 2022

Date of Birth

75 lbs

Current Weight


Embark Clear

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Meet Our “Nanny Dog”

Ice Bear’s Eskimo Kisses


Little Skeemos earned her name from her boy Noah, who, as a toddler, could not say “Eskimo kisses.” Ice Bear is a tribute to Laura’s love of the cartoon character Ice Bear from We Bare Bears.

Skeemos is a confident, courageous, gentle, and loving white German Shepherd. She is our oldest female and is not a part of our breeding program. Skeemos didn’t pass OFA hip screening. It is not terrible, but nothing we are comfortable breeding. “I believe the weight of a pregnancy could further cause problems later life in life for Skeemos. I would not be who I am if I chose to breed her. She is the most perfect dog in every other sense of the word. To me it is a great loss to the program,” said Laura. She will, however, stay here and be our nanny dog to all the puppies to come.” Read about our breeding standards and how we are trying to improve the health of the German Shepherd breed.

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