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Our Previous Puppies

These are puppies and dogs from our time as Genesis Longcoast GSD. All are offspring of Zeus paired with our former dams, Sky (a standard-coat white German Shepherd), and Hiawassa (a long-coat tri-colored German Shepherd).


“Apache was my heart dog. He was the smartest and most gentle German Shepherd I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life. He knew when he needed to protect my son, and understood when to make himself small so little kids wouldn’t fear him. He was a Zeus/Sky pup and, while no dog will ever replace Apache, I can’t wait to see what Laura can produce next.”

Michelle W.

“Laura is an amazing breeder. She cares about all of her puppies and carefully considers every home before allowing them to leave. She chose the perfect puppy for me and my family. Smart, loveable, protective, and fluffy.”


“I am so happy we chose to get a puppy from Laura. Lucy was the joy of our home. She was easy to train, excellent with our children, and loved to catch frizbee and ball. She provided us with hours of fun, love, and exercise on a daily basis. Thank you, Laura!”


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